Yaffa Wigs - Natural Wigs and Synthetic Wigs from New York's Premier Wig Store

Welcome to Yaffa Wigs! Here you will find a selection of premier full wigs. You can find both natural human hair wigs and synthetic wigs ready-to-wear designed by Yaffa herself. Every women's wig crafted in these collections breathes life and you will notice just how natural and comfortable they really are. Browsing through the collections you will see that you can choose from 100% Remy hair, 100% percent human hair, 100% synthetic wig, or a blend of 80/20 or 50/50. These styled wigs come in a wide variety of colors, cuts and lengths so you can find exactly what you're looking for!

Blond Wigs, Curly Wigs, Short Wigs, Long Wigs and More!

Everybody has a different preference as to how they want to look. Here you will see wigs in natural tones so whether you want a blonde wig, black wig, or a red wig you'll be all set to go! The selection offers long wigs and short wigs alike. There are even precut styled wigs and European hair wigs! And who can forget about texture and flow? If there is a straight hair wig why can't there be a curly wig? After all, natural looking wigs will have the same bounce and curls as real hair. Don't settle for anything less than a Yaffa wig.

Sheitels, Hair Falls, Headband Wigs, Hair Toppers and More from Yaffa Wigs

Who can forget the importance of hair accessories? The look isn't quite complete unless you have some matching ensemble piece at your disposal. The look isn't complete without the appropriate accessories for the occasion. Look for some custom wigs with headbands. Maybe hair falls or hair toppers are more down your alley. There's no reason why you should stop there when you have bountiful options right in front of you. There are even sheitels to choose from. These New York wigs with accessories are sure to provide you with a level of sophistication and class that could make anybody jealous.